The new Iwata micron cm-sb v-2


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***Update- The good folks from Iwata took care of me. They sent a complete head assy and also needle at no charge to me. Thanks for all your suggestions. Their customer service is as great as their products.***
Just an FYI to all, I just purchased the V-2 from Coast air brush in the U.S. Great service and great brush but...I orderd a spare needle from Chicago Air brush and it was too long to fit in the new brush. I called Meda-Iwata in the states and I sent them the new needle that was too long...needle is correct for microns but they sent me a letter back saying some of the new brushes from Japan have an 11.6mm long nneedle and 13mm is what should be in won't fit though and this new v-2 has the adjustable needle stop at the rear of the gun.. Before I knew this though, I had put it in and I tightened it down to a certain point and stopped-that's when I disscoverd what was wrong...I screwed up the nozzle so I had to get a new one of those and Iwata didn't want to spring for one saying that it was just dirty... that is why it was leaking air around the needle...under magnifying glass you could see it was out of round. So, Beware if you get a new V2 brush and want to put a replacement needle in it...the back of the needle will need to be clipped down to fit???not sure how that is going to work out, or the back cap will need to be left off. I hope Iwata starts stocking the 11.6 length soon.
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Hey rdawk, that really does suck. I would contact them again. Explain the situation, politely suggest that they hadn't made it clear there was a difference in needle size, and that you are sure it was just an oversight on their part as you know what a good company they are, and how much they value their customers blah, blah (basically blow smoke up their ass), send them the screwed up nozzle, and say that fitting the wrong sized needle, caused the nozzle to distort after trying to tighten it down - not realising the needle was too long. Then tell them that as there was a lack of info regarding this issue, you would appreciate it if they would replace the nozzle. Mention that you are part of this forum, with over 5000 members, and many vistors, and that once the issue was resolved, you would be happy to mention their good customer service here, and any info regarding needles for the new product that you can pass on, as you are sure many members will be interested in the new product.

If that doesn't get them to re-think their response, then write again explaining how disappointed you are in their customer service, and this will have to be reflected in the review you will post on the forum, and elsewhere.

If that still doesn't get the desired result - then I'm guessing we will all be experiencing the wrath of rdawk, as he takes them down!
I think Squishy's idea is absolutely spot-on.

I'm pretty surprised that Iwata-Media would be selling needles that are the wrong size. I wonder if the V2 versions needles are shorter than the standard CM-SB, and thats where the mix-up occurred, maybe? I don't know, it just doesn't seem like an "Iwata" kind of mistake. Either way, I'd expect them to make it right, and be pretty surprised and disappointed if they didn't.

On another note, though, how have you liked the "V.2"? I would think that square trigger would take quite a bit of getting used to.
Thanks for the responses. I will call and talk to them again. I think they had a hard time believing the needle wouldn't fit. I really like the square trigger. That needle stop at the back is right where my hand rest though and it seems I'm always moving it closed. Will take a little more to get used to. I wasn't to thrilled dropping $60 more bucks for that nozzle after just buying that gun.
When you call ask for Adrianne, , when I called iwata today (about an order) I also mentioned your issue she said you should call her!

thanks Donna, work has finally slowed down enough that hopeful I can call them this week.