the paasche vision is good for detail? Recommend it ?



Paasche vision is good or Bad ? And is it good tool For hiperrealism ?
What advantages and disadvantages are there in this airbrush?
Last edited by a moderator: be honest? I hate mine! Great gun fresh put of the box..after many uses, I now call it my P.O.S. gun. Some people have good luck with it...I however only use it for the wide spray pattern. My detail guns are Iwatas
In my opinion its an awful airbrush with one exception. I find the (Talon) 0.66 setup sith the fancap handy for gloss and clearcoat for my scalemodelling. As a detail brush; no. Most Iwatas H&S Olympos and even most Badgers outperform it when it comes to finer work.