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Airbrushtutor, whom I am watching religiously on utube does super fine lines especialy with eyelashes. i have been practising without success i just cannot get a fine clear fine linei have used various paints and black ink various dilutions, various air pressures, no joy. My brush is iwata hp ch. i would love to initially do an eye but without the eyelashes just not on. Can the family help me please. Tonyck
, hey tony.... eyelashes are notoriously difficult, you have to move quickly and all the variables have to be working for you....some people actually dont use the airbrush for the lashes, ANDREZA has had some great results by taking the reduced mixture in his cup, further reducing it and then using an extremely fine hairy brush. can you pull a fine line over a longer distance, say maybe 2 inches? if so then its not to do with your paint or any other variables it is im afraid to say more about ability but this will come with practice..... speed, movement, distance and practice...... nicely reduced paint and if you are not doing them in 1 pass then make sure you hit the same marks again and again.

practice some 3 inch long curved dagger strokes
then some 2 inch
then some 1 inch so on and so on
I'm in the hairy brush category. One blobby eyelash and its to the dustbin. I will brush in lightly to get the length right and then maybe use the airbrush to add dark to the base of them. Like Fez said it needs to be basically dirty water your painting with.
Eyelashes and eyebrows are very hard to do, Like AndreZA I also use a fine brush if they are small. You can also use non wax based watercolour pencils. They work really well too.

Hey there Tony, as has already been said, they can be a bitch to do, and it often the case that confidence plays a big part in it, you really happy with what you have done...then it's eyebrow time and you think you will stuff it up and all your confidence goes! You really do need to be confident in you AB and reduction to really go for it, but as said there is nothing wrong with using a paintbrush or even a watercolour pencil. On the Dru course recently we used the split frisked method which is fiddly but effective, remember you do not have to paint every lash, the viewers brain will fill in the rest, it's called the 'etcetera principle'. 'Where the line stops, thought takes over'. Just try not to get to hung up on them and do not let it ruin your artwork, with more confidence and experience in control you will nail it my friend.:)
I have been painting for 32 years and I can't paint an eyelash worth crap. I have tried a brush, but even that dose not always look right. I noticed Dru Blair will cut frisket and paint in some of the lashes and the rework them with the airbrush. I just find myself doing the best I can do and not worry about it a lot. All lashes are almost always coming at you unless they have been crimped with an eyelash curler, or if they are fake lashes. Most of what you will see is the mascara line and a few little tips pointing up. So keep that in mind when you try to paint them the next time.

Keep On Painting
You guys are pure magic. Thankyou Fred, Cordyk, Tigertron, Ad Fez, lee and Jord001. At the moment have not done any art work just practicing and was under the impression that one had to achieve fine lines before moving on, especially seeing how easy the artbrushtutor did eye lashes. i have now realised that i have been trying to over achieve and now may try and do a single eye. i am so impressed by the superb work you guys are doing, it blows my mind. My wife is pleased i am learning airbrushing because at the moment i am a little crooked. i am a 78 year old triathlete and last Sunday was on a charity bike ride with another 5000 guys when i was brought off my bike by a tandem bike who cut me up and his rear wheel caught in my front wheel which for me wasn't very pretty, but these things happen. My wife said, at least you have a major project to do while your injuries are healing. Thanks again you guys.
Hey tony, got you loud and clear my brother!before learning fine lines, you want to place more importance on the absolute basics....airbrushing is a steep and long learning curve, frustrating and enjoyable at every step.....have a look at mitchs first videos on youtube, surrounding how ti control an airbrush.....and then make, how ti do dots, lines, curves and blends, daggers a3 different intenseity any artwork you do is only made from these effects so it makes sense to be able to do them with ease.....that should sort you out while you are healing.....all the best
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Thanks again ad fez. I will send you some of our sun to Cambridge. Tony
Eyelashes are my nemesis! I get tricked into thinking I can do them when they go well, but then the next time it looks like an epileptic spider attack. Just one of the many many many things I don't sweat over. There's more than one way to skin a cat as they say, and one day I'll nail it. Until that day I'll just keep plodding along in my own little way. It's just personal satisfaction that makes me want to do it, the person looking at your eyelashes, probably won't know how they were created anyway.
Asking for more advice. I looked on eBay and they have compressor with tank for $90. It is 1/6 hp, air flow 20-23lm air tank 3l. Is this worth buying and how silent would it be? Tonyck
all you need is to practice.i gave up in doing small eyelasches with an airbrush,so when in my last job i used a nib and holder to do them,its as difficult as an airbrush but there is nothing that practice cannot defeat.practice and practice and practice and practice.and when you are done practice some more!!!in the end the more you practice the closer to PERFECTION you will be.the thing is that is quite difficult to explain with writing,but if you wish i can take some fotos and do a small thread about it.
Thanks ulltraz, i am constantly practicing and have discovered one has to really get to know your airbrush and the various settings. There is so much to know before one can become confident with the brush. it is a learning curve which i intend to master. Yes! i would be interested in any photos and a small thread. Thankyou again Tony
I totally cheated, and made little templates (like for flames) and I use a variety of sizes
the crown of the AB also plays a role in doing small sharp lines . its phisics but its too complicated to explain . tho the "removing the crown" technique is a risky bisness ( you can scrap your needle in a snap of fingers.) it does work ...
The only time I use my crown cap is when my airbrush is sat on it's stand, I never use it to paint. Just don't drop it Lol!