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Whatsup everyone. So I've been airbrushing for a short time now, and I'm really getting frustrated. I got an Iwata Neo (the .35mm needle one). I have had it clog so many times. I do know that I'm cleaning it properly and this time, I just can't get it to work. I have fully taken it apart, thoroughly cleaned it, blew into it a ton, even put the needle inside and moved it in and out for it to try and pull anything out. I spend like an hour thoroughly cleaning it, and it's still clogged (it bubbles when I try to use it). I really don't want to have to spend a 100 bucks on an airbrush. I already spent a 100 on the compressor and 50 on this. Do you think it is the airbrush or what? I'm pretty much half way through my awata cleaning liquid. I got a huge bottle, but I'm constantly having to clean it and it still jams all the time.
I reckon you actually are indeed geek who just happens to be tripping, but incase I'm wrong, my advice is thoroughly investigate the nozzle cos it sounds like you may have some of your blow stuck in there, Even when you use your airbrush as a pipe for other recreational activities it's always necessary to give it a good clean, if you've noticed recently that it's taking longer to get high, that's definitely your problem, throw some methylated spirits in the cup, light up and give it another good suckling and your problems are over.:thumbsup:

Someone will be along shortly to tell you what your airbrush was really intended for, I can't I'm afraid, I can't remember either but my meds are all legal and none of them fit in my brusheso_O
sounds like you need to soak the parts in some airbrush restorer about 20 min. should do it, also might be sucking air from around the threads a little bees wax or chap stix on the threads will most likely cure any air leaks , And what kind of paint and pressure are you using , are you using any reducer with it?
I mostly just use model air paint, and I don't use any reducer. I also use about 30psi
LOL Madbrush, u funny...:)

Its likely a mix, airbush a bit, prob paint a bit..What paints are you using? What PSI are you trying to spray at..Jst as an experiment put your pressure up to around 40-50 and see if it sprays cleaner, oh and for a good clean, just use warm/hotish water with detergent if your only using waterbased...good luck
I felt like i was always cleaning upin starting myself.. and it is one of the reasons i dont recomend any airbrush you have to unscrew the nozzle to beginners...

Could be a few things but Reb has ya sorted,
I mostly just use model air paint, and I don't use any reducer. I also use about 30psi

LOL I gotta read more, soz missed ya post on what paints and psi your using..Are the paints enamels or acrylics? Whats the brand? I'm wondering if the cleaning solution your using is more for water based? Not sure as I dont use the stuff but if using enamel model paint you may need to give your brush a good soak in thinners if the neo hasn't got rubber seals that is..(can't remember if it has or not)..Might be that your paints reacting with your cleaner...Check with the airbrush guide if neos are OK with thinners and if so put a full cup in and blast it through at a high pressure of about 50 PSI...Back flush it also by placing a rag over the nozzle and bubble the crap outta the cup...If still clogged.(Check by spraying with water only..bit of food dye if desired and look for hesitation or skips)..If still hesitating with only water.. pull it apart and soak all parts you can in straight thinners for about 5 minutes or so, get your compressor charged up and blow the crap outta each individual piece like the nozzle and airbrush body...I'd say there is also a good chance some paint has dried in your tip beyond the capability of the cleaning solution, just rarely and on occasion it is required to ream that dried paint out, initially try to remove it in the thinners with just a single hair or two off a bottle brush cleaner..Do it on a white paper towell or rag so you can see all the extra crud coming out.I personally do it with an old needle but be careful if you do as you dont want to damage the nozzle.Lube the needle lightly and put it all back together...This is a deep clean and not required often, but am thinking it might be a case of enamels but if water based acrylics you can still deep clean it out with the occasional thinners bath..Don't do it too often though as it can also affect the chrome finish...Good luck..Oh yer try reducing a bit more for finer detail and lower pressure or put your pressure up to about 40-50 to spray most paints from the bottle, especially for basecoating your models..good luck but preserver..its really fun when you work out your airbrush and most beginners have the same struggles..It does pass as you get more experience with the gun..
Unfortunately $50 isn't a lot to spend on an AB, and the neo is made for Iwata, not by them, so although they are probably the better of the cheaper brushes, it may be that there is an issue. If the threads aren't sealing it will cause bubbling, but some beeswax can help with that.

There is also the possibility that the nozzle has become damaged or flared, it is probably not as hard wearing as more expensive ones, and even they have to be treated delicately. A magnifying glass will show cracks or nicks etc, flaring is often very hard to detect, but it wont allow the needle to seat right, causing problems.

I don't think this brush has Teflon seals, so its also possible cleaning fluid may have damaged o rings.

It seems likely though if you are sure you are cleaning properly and you get clogging ut is because you are not reducing, and do not have your air/paint/reducer ratio correct. Make sure your paint is suitable for airbrushing and you use the recommended reducer for that brand.
If you've got bubbles in the cup there is a issue with the brush. Plain and simple.
You've been given the right advise above, blocked/damaged nozzle or leaking threads/seals.

What you need to also find out is why it has happened.

Are you using the correct cleaner for the paint you are using ? You say you're using "model air paint" - that's a bit generic- what brand is it? A lot of model paint need thinners for cleaning and reducing. So if your using water you're not cleaning properly.

I wouldn't recommend a Neo to anyone long term, it's maybe ok to get a feel for airbrushing without great expense, the minimum I'd recommend would be an Iwata Eclipise- not sure about other brands but Badger seem to have some reasonable brushes that may be easier on your pocket
Since I don't want to repeat all the advice given above, I thought I'd thrown in a little encouragement. I almost quit AB completely and stopped for three months because I was so frustrated. The cheap brushes do that to you. But don't give up, there is always a way to fix things and once you figure out the personality of your brush you'll be able to work with it and make it work for you instead of against. It's worth the frustration in the end. If you want less frustration though, buy an eclipse. Its about $120 but makes ABing easy and fun
...and even if you were using waterbased paints, iwata airbrush cleaner or createx airbrush cleaner does not dissolve the paint. It's meant more for flush between colors. I for example I use w500 reducer for cleaning(and as reducer) because it actually cleans because there's small amounts of solvent. Also by doing this I dont have any danger of contaminating the paint with some kind of a cleaning solution. Then If I absolutely have to, I use Restorer. And sometimes just out of habit.

You should start with some easier paint, maybe some kind of ink? Or Etac paint witch I hear flows the best.
Also, there's no reason to quit. There are millions(?) airbrushers around the world who don't have problems. You just got to stop, calm down and think. Make radical changes, change the paint, change the cleaner. I also had alot of problems, all of them were paint/cleaner related.
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I just noticed your thread and had to Che in and leave my response. I started with a troublesome ab and it kicked my but hard.a also I was using create and wiked. My best day was when I got badger velocity and I had an airbrush that actually worked. My advise ... get a velocity and get some com art or etc private stock or efx , your troubles will soon be caribou gorn