Thinner for wicked paint


Young Tutorling
I am a newbie. I just purchased a Neo. And some wicked paint. On the bottle, it says only thing with 401. Is it bad to use anything else? Thank you Marty.
Hi Marty
I'm still new to all this airbrush stuff too, but I have picked a few things up.
1st. It's always a good idea when you are new, to stay with what the manufacturer recommends.
After you get some experience and have a better idea of what works and what won't, then you can experiment.
2nd. I think you missed a digit in your question
From what I see most often, 4011 is the recommended reducer. Same manufacturer as Wicked.
Others with vastly more experience than I will chime in shortly.
On a absorbent surface.Like paper/canvas. Is Distilled water fine.
But on a non-absorbent surface or if you are going to use tape, masking film, it is better to use the 4011.
Possibly in combination with the uvls gloss.