this evenings exersise



i have gone back to start and do dots and will do so until i can say i i am good on it today i try to do 20 % dots give me some critic about it if i am far away or close the first is the bottom and the top is the last one i did :02.47-tranquillity:20130825_195214.jpg20130825_195230.jpg


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You got a good uniform pattern going on there alf.... Have a practice at varying the saturation and size though.... This will get you distancing and triggering how you should be
thanks Steven 88 and El Guapo it will come i want to be secure on every move and distance so i do allot of every exercise
I understand you completely alf...I was just trying to say. .. as important as the dot is the transition between one fit and another. ... being able to gauge that distance on the first attempt. .. keep going though you're doing great
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I did the dot thing last night too 5cm,10cm,15cm and 20cm at 20% to improve my aim and control. I usually do a few exercises for about an hour and then have a play with an eye or flames or last night "space, the final frontier". I'm improving slowly but I still have a looooong way to go, but hey, the only job where you start at the top is when you are digging a hole so on with the practice. HeathD
I'm with ya, Alf! I am new at this stuff and trying to get it down also!