this is a problem or not? please help



Greetings to all
I have a problem with my airbrush gun, which lies in the fact that the paint flows and therefore it's hit only air.
The gun nozzle is cleaned and boiled in about 60 degree water temperature followed by successive rinsing thinner.

Next, I add the video which is another problem that I had before.
Lies in the fact that when we shoot and we shoot with a needle and needle seal
Please if anyone knows the solution of my problemThank you to all


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am not sure what your problem is, if you could be more specific please.sorry that no one has tackle your problem,and by the way use the introduction so we can know you and greet you properly.i´ll be checking out this post.


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From all of the pictures you posted, the everything looks clear.
I am guessing that you have a major air leak at either the Nozzle or the Head Assemble. Does your brush require a gasket between the head and body?
If there is too much of an air leak in either of them, the air flow will not be able to pull the paint across the needle.
Another quick thing to check is that when you pull the trigger back, is the needle moving? Your needle chuck may not be grabbing well, although it would be very unlikely to be a problem.


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It appears you have complete took every piece off this airbrush. Being I am seeing what appears to be the needle bear PFTE .
What exact airbrush is this ?
I am assume by the looks of it , A Micron , You have taken the Nozzle off it and most times that is the biggest NO NO you can do. Why you may ask Because the threads on the nozzle can crack when you break them loose from the factory tighten causing air leaks that allow paint to flow.
Buy a complete head assembly and it should fix your problem.
I am judging my assumption off the Needle bearing and the star screw driver slots in it.
But being as stated above we do no know your skill level and years in the game due to lack of an intro and enough information
this is the only advice I can offer.
Never boil a head unit or a needle bearing.
What paint are you using? waterbased , Urethane??
Other than boiling what are you using to clean it.


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I agree with all above, the more info we have the better and it also helps to know about you, the artist. I think its one of 3 things. either you cracked the nozzle by taking it in and out (the crack will be small and where the threads meet the back of the nozzle) or it could be the needle chuck is slipping as jagardn stated. or the number one problem with people is that your paint is not thin enough to go through that small of a nozzle. reduce about 12 to one or more ......and that is if you are using water based paints. answer all of microns questions and we should be able to help more.......... actually never mind..... I just checked the date that you posted this. sorry it has taken a month for us to answer, but seeing you hve not been back since, you have probably already solved the problem and I would love to know what it actually was :)