Thought i'd pop in


Young Tutorling
Hi all. Svee here from the UK. Some of you might already know me from other forums and youtube. Thought i would pop in and say hi :)
I've been a bit quiet of late, im normally all over the place online. Had a few probs on a personal front but all seems to be ok again now so im getting back into squirting paint around again.
Looking forward to chatting to you all ;)
Well hello!
The fame of "airbrush tutor" seems to have spread :) looking forward to your input
Hi Svee welcome to the Forum. I watched your videos on Youtube and always enjoyed them.
Yo !Svee thought you had emargrated as you`ve not been on the tube for ages .
Welcome Svee, great to have you here. I have seen all your videos on you tube and they were very helpful in my learning process. I feel as i should owe some coin to you, airbrushtutor, ed hubbs and many more on youtube since i learned by watching all of the how to videos over the last year. All i can give is a big "THANKS" since i am still a starving artist thay has to carry a 40 hour a week second job!! Lol! Welcome again from the states!
Sorry to hear you've been low. :concern:
Bigg HUGG's all around. :love_heart:
Cant wait for your next update. :surprise:
Hey Svee,
I saw on FB you had the new Diablo... props for being out among the living, lol. Good to have you here, this is the one forum I found with a good attitude toward teaching and learning. You'll like the vibe around here. And the forum could use someone like you who's willing to share knowledge.

Again, welcome.
Hi Svee, great to see you here mate! been missing you on you tube, you would be just the man I'm looking for on here, I'm painting a guitar and need to paint a theme that will apeal to the masses as it will be for sale on trade-me (NZs version of e-bay) any sugestions?
anyway good to see you back!!!
Cheers Lou.
Welcome to the forum mate, enjoy yourself, sounds like you know a few peeps around here:) look forward to your input and help and of course...spread the love!
Cheers for the welcome all ;)
Lou, in my exp the guitars with special effects sell waaay better than the ones with artwork on them. You have to cater for all tastes when selling one with artwork already on it and not everyone will like what you paint if you go down the artwork route as peoples tastes are so diverse. Go with stone, marble, water drops or a chameleon paint and you should be ok. People wont pay mega bucks just because its custom painted though and it needs to be one of the big brands of guitar. If you paint a cracking job on a excrementty guitar you will be lucky to sell it, if you paint a Gibson, Fender, Ibanez, etc with a good paint job you will sell it. It wont go for mega bucks though, ive found you are lucky if you can add a couple of hundred to the value of the guitar itself and still sell it.
Best thing with guitars is to stick to the big names and keep the paint jobs quick and easy otherwise you will be working at a loss. Unless you go down my route and just wait for people to come to you with what they want... its already sold then as its what the customer wants ;)
Yo Svee, good to see you here.
Here's hoping you enjoy the place and become a regular poster.
Thanks for that mate, I see where your coming from, I have spent hours trying to think of a theme that would be popular and I think you're right special effects may be the way to go, it will appeal to more people and auctions are about getting as many people interested as you can. The guitar I've got is an Ibanez.

Cheers Lou
Definitely a big warm welcome from me too Svee, you've selflessly given so much to this whole community, i've seen loads of your videos because they're actually fun to watch! Great to have you here mate :eagerness:
I'd be surprised if anyone on here doesn't know who Svee is, but if you don't - do yourself a favour and check out his youtube videos as he has just short of 100 - after you're done there have a look at his website also Much can be learnt from this helpful man:encouragement:
Welcome to our humble forum Svee, it's great to have yet another big talent on the team.

Loved your vids too, particularly the ghost car and Freddie kruger, I laughed when Robert Englund thought you made it for him.
Hey Svee from another Hampshire Hog! Glad to know everythings ok with you now, missed your vids on youtube, am a huge fan, good to see you back!!
Welcome to the forums Svee. I think I've watched every video you've brought out. Great stuff. Keep up the good work.
Welcome to the forum Svee from just down the road (Southampton).

Already a subscriber to your YouTube vids, great stuff, keep up the good work!
SVEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good to see you mate, Have not seen any new vid's on your channel. How is your dad doing? Hope he is getting along well.
For those who do not know Svee his paints some kick ass guitars...
Oh Svee you know me from KKL