Hey guys I am just wondering how yiu guys rate the

Sotar 20/20
Anthem 155

As I really would like to add these to my collection
What category would you put them in from fine illustration to heavy laying
Also is there and modifications I.e recommended tips to improve there performance

Thanks guys
Sotar and velocity are fine detail, the anthem is a hose, it has a large needle, great for larger pieces.

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I own 2 velocity's and I can get hair line to about 1' - 1 1/4" fan.....its all I use so is all I can recommend.
I can absolutly recomend the velocity over the 29 29 due tio the fact that if you need to you can adjust the needle bing its a fine line detail brush and comes with a heavier nozzle set up . but i can also say i would onky recomend etac spectra tex or com art. I have been airbrushoing for over two years and i had lots of problems with clogging with wickedmostly with the detail as for now i like to mostly use etac efx which is water rewetable and cleans out super easy just some of my oppinions as for the sotar iv seen allot of people say good things and i belive you can get one on amazon for 8 dollars but i would recomend the velocity over it its a nice heavy wheighty air brush that feels like your holding a quality air brush when working with it
i guess i am going with the velocity and get the sotar/anthem later thanks guys