Time for compressor work


Double Actioner
Hello again, lol. I have another question. Yesterday buy this compressor has 8 bars max pressure and air flow to 160l per minute with a deposit of 24 liters of air, bad is it much noise 90 db.
I was thinking of putting it in a soundproof drawer.
My question is ... If by air on the balcony, I can be a long time working with 24 liters or better will do the drawer?
Thanks again
P.D: compressor cost me 50 € new jijijij. (56 dollars)

OK, some of the questions and have solved searching the forum, the theme of soundproof drawer. I'm looking ax that.
Forgive if this was already spoken, but understand that I am Spanish and my English is very basic, then cost me more search within the forum. Sorry