tip dry???? I m not sure



ok I have switched to using wicked detail paints through an Iwata HP-C Plus airbrush. I think I like this paint alot better then the others i have tried. is it ok at 1 to 1 reduced? biggest problem i have is that it sprays fine for about 10 to 15 seconds and then stops flowing color. after experimenting found if i dip tip of brush in cleaner and blot it dry it sprays ok for another 15 seconds and then stops again. Is this what they call tip dry and if so how can i reduce it to be able to spray longer before cleaning tip again
Ok, you need to thin your paint more. I'm not sure if its tip dry or just to thick of paint, but the same thing will happen with both. I would say thin it about 8 to 1 but you will need to experiment with it. Higher the reduction, lower the air pressure.
Also don't dip your brush in the cleaner, you may contaminate the paint. I use a small piece of a sponge with cleaner on it and keep it in my left hand. When needed I put it over the needle and lightly pinch the paint off of the needle. Also only moisten the sponge not soak it.

I don't use such myself but some swear by adding a drop or two of Glycerin to reduce tip dry, it keeps the paint a little wetter and reduces the airflow drying out the paint too much. I use a 1 to 1 reduction on most of my stuff but some like to reduce even more..Also try to pop your pressure up a little and see if that helps it to push out the paint for a little longer (What pressure r u using?) Also r u reducing with plain water or the reducer made by wicked..Some paints love water and some do better with their branded reducer due to some extra's like binders and products that do similar to glycerin already being added..GL
yup I use wkd detail also.....if I reduce 3 parts to one part paint I still get wicked tip dry spraying at 25 psi, so of I want fine detail ill reduce anything from 8 to 20 parts reducer to one part paint and spray between 3 and 10 psi.....reducing this much you get barely any dry and the paint flows consistently
i was using the wicked reducer and reduced at 3 to 1 and was running at like 15 to 20 psi.i really like this paint though. ill try reducing alot more and dropping pressre down. thanks for the wet sponge idea. you guys are slowly taking the frustration away.cant thank yall enough!!