Tip of the day for beginners from a beginner.



Learn to walk away! Today I was airbrushing, while following an instructional DVD that I got for free, when I purchased my airbrush. I was making good progress It was looking really good, then all of a sudden I freaked out and Sprayed Black all over the painting and threw it in the trash! Next time I'll have to remember to take a deep breath and walk away. LOL!


I used to do that a lot, I would just mess up, scrap it and move on. I still have those issues sometimes. Now I know enough to scrap it, take a break, then give the same thing a second try. Most always my second attempt is good. Occasionally it takes 3 tries. Just do not give up totally. I had adhesion issues , masking alignment issues , on a piece I did today. I just thought for a second, found a solution to cover the issues, now I have a savable piece and tried another technique I had not tried yet. It will need some edge trimming due to the alignment thing . But its still worth saving.


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