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I think that my tip is stripped(3mm). It just keeps spinning when I put it in and it seems to be leaking paint. So I put my 5mm needle in and tip and it works. Kind of Frusrating because I've only had it for a few weeks.

Also, when I put that new needle and tip, I push down for air only, paint comes out. Do I not have the needle far enough forward.

Also, I didn't have much time to use the 5mm before going to work. Will my results be different with 5mm as opposed to 3mm.

My airbrush is a Paasche Talon TG, has anyone had the same problem?
Hi drobbins,

hope you dont have put in that 0,5mm needle into the 0,3mm nozzle.
That way you will ruin you 0,3mm nozzle, because you will force the shape in a different way as it is supposed for a 0,3 needle.
I will not recommend you to spinning you needle in the nozzle, excepted you will try to recover a damaged nozzle.
This way you can try to grind very safely back to that old (original) shape!

What i had tryed to do is to get the nozzle totaly cleaned. Put it into a thiner or cleaner for several minuets.
Get a brush and clean the inside until you can see right throw it.
After this i would try every time before you clean your airbrush to get the needle forward out and not pull it backwards out of the airbrush.
But be patient wen you put the nozzle out! This way you will not get the paint into the backside of the O-fitting. This way i figured out the needle will stick a little bit in the inside of the airbrush,
and it will not fit right into the nozzle with the spring tension that is left. Hope you have understood anything i tried to explain you!

I thought Talon's tips sizes were .25/.38 and .66 , But if the .38 nozzle is just spinning where is should tighten down , Sound like striped threads, But you say the .5(possible.66) screws in fine but you have paint flowing after when you press the trigger, When you are changing your set up I assume you are changing everything for the needle set that you are switching to. IE.... Aircap , Needle and tip are matched?
No, when I screwed the tip in it would just keep spinning. So the threads has stripped. I ordered a couple new tips. Problem solved.

I was saying that when I put my .5 tip and .5 needle in it worked fine.

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