Tip size?



So now that I got the crap abrush mistake and heartache out of the way I am leaning towards the Badger Krome that comes with a .2mm and .3mm tips or the Iwata HP-CS that comes with a .35mm tip. So my question to you guys and gals is, will there be that much of a diffrence between the .2 and .3 or .35 mm tips? I mean right off the hop I would imagine I wouldnt notice but after some practice will the .2 or .3mm tips be better for detail than the .35 on the Eclipse? Also will it be easier to learn with the .35mm tip or will I see any diffrence there to speak of?

From my standpoint Im thinking 2 tips and needles are better then the one that comes with the Eclipse.

Thanks in advance for any input.
I cant comment on the Badger as I only use Iwata and have like most on here AAD but you wont go far wrong with the Eclipse:thumbsup:
I would go for a Iwata with a 0.2 nozzle like the hp b+ but that is just me ;) I do have a iwata with the 0.35 nozzle as well but I only use it for large coverage
Nozzle size actually does not matter as much as putting in the practice time. I have seen some amazing tiny detail done with a .5 set up .
That being said it is a lot easier to do with the smaller nozzle set up and speeds up the process .
Learning control and building muscle memory is the most important part to learn .
Badger Makes a fine product and stand behind it 110% Ken (OWNER) of badger is a member here and while he is a busy man he will answer your emails .
The Eclipse CS is just one work horse of an airbrush and Being I have put a lot of practice time in now I can pull as much detail with it as I can my Krome , Micron .18 set up , or my Infinity .15 set up. But it has taken a lot of practice to get to that point.
Picking an airbrush as far as style(Gravity feed, side feed , bottom feed) is a personnel thing that fits you and your way of painting. Me I love gravity feed while a lot on here run a side feed.
But I suggest you make a budget and stay with in it . As you learn more and you needs of desires change then buy more airbrushes .

You can never have too many airbrushes just not enough hands to use them all .
Thanks guys after watching the everything you wish you knew about airbrush video there I went and ordered a Krome!! I learned alot from that video and Ken gave alot of tips that didnt promote the stuff he was selling it just looked like he was trying to help from the heart. The thing that got me was when he said the diffrence between him and his competitors was that he cared more =) it got me convinced to buy his product. I have read alot of good things about him and his company here so far, if you see this Ken, hats off to you and keep up the good work at Badger, hopefully this Krome is just the start of a long relationship lol.
I have both a krome and an HP-CS find If I work on bigger sized pictures I use the HP-CS(16x20 inch) but on the smaller sizes I lean toward the Krome.
with that said I still get great detail on my fishing lures with the HP-CS ,But I'm sure you will love the Krome