Tip to keep heavier and harder boards on your easel.


Double Actioner
I made my own easel from chipboard and pine, like this one :

Sometimes I do my painting on chromaboard, which is a thin steel board (0.6mm) and powdercoated with a white coat. THe signage people usualy use it for advertisements and such. It is a very nice and smooth medium to shoot paint on. The problem is, it is too heavy to keep on the easel with tape, and it is usually not convenient to put it on the bottom bar.

As I mentioned, I already modified the one side of the board to be able to work easily with paper or card board on the easel. So I flipped the board around and got me a few of these pins:


You get these at hardware stores. They are used to install racks into cupboards. I drill a few tight fitting holes into my easel board on different heights so that I can fit these into the holes. And there it is, I can make a relative heavy stiff board stand on my easel with ease. If you look closely at the first picture you would see they are used there to make the cardboard stand on.