To dark at once.



I had some old createx opaque black lying around and was trying to do some shadings on a small (A4) size b&w portret. I reduced it down with water and it sprays very well, thin lines, little dots but when i try shading it always gets immediatly to dark. I know i am using an opaque color (covers far more then a transparent). I can get it to spray more transparent by reducing even more untill its starts to behave as just dirty water and spraying less paint and more air. Now when i get in to close i just pull a line and when i move to far out it sprays more transparent but then my spray patern is to big for the area i am working in. I am still new to airbrushing so what am i doing wrong, is it me (probably lol), the paint (mix in white) or something els? All help is welcome. Ps.: i use a iwata hpc plus with 0.3 needle.
Hello Radiok, first off I am not an Iwata user but there are tons here that are but from all the info I have gathered and im sure a Iwata worshiper lol will correct me but here goes. I don't know the exact max width the .3 in Iwata for conversation sake we will say is 1.5 in. if you were to go to I think theirs is a .21 will have a smaller max width plus a tad smaller line as well providing your budget allows. If this helps great if not, please don't hit too hard!
Too much water and you will thin out the binding agents too much. I usually add do 50/50 Paint/Transparent base, then thin to a sprayable consistency.
Depending on how transparent you want it, you may need to change the ratios.

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Yes, i've noticed when i reduce the paint to mutch, it sprays more of a grey tone but if you look close there are little specs in the area i painted. I also strained the paint with a sock in the bottle cap. Anyway im getting new wicked colors tomorrow , the createx i had is REALY OLD. I dont even think they sell these bottles anymore.
Transparent base all the way just like jagardn said, it reduces the colour without losing adhesion. That way you don't get that " of no I've gone too dark " issue. You get to build up your colour nice and gently.