to do or not to do....that is the question



Guest we want to start out using stencils or learn by high school the only class i went to was painting and shop class ..and of course the alley behind the school with the extracurricular activities..i thought i was too cool for math and i guess what im askin is......hell i already forgot what i was askin.:ambivalence:...trip down memory lane...what should a guy learn first besides the basic brush strokes?
Dots and lines, dots and lines lol (dagger strokes) google you tube vids, and REDUCE YOUR PAINT, guarantee you will BLAST youblack paint, we all have. Dont get frustrated, patience is your friend :nightmare:
learn DOTS < DAGGER STROKES<and fades and blends first.
without those basics you will find it a harder hobby to learn and stay with.
nothing wrong with using tools like stencils and masking to make your job and life easier , Free hand what ever it take to get the out come you want.