To leak or not to leak - this is the....



I have an Iwata airbrush and when I airbrush with it I notice that I have air leak from behind the Nozzle cup (or in front)
it's something that I have never would have notice but since I put a soapy water I saw a lot of bubbles forming. I hope I get the part name correctly but it's not the part that u can screw with the additional Iwata screwdriver it's the one in front of it so I don't have any means to tighten it more ( the fingers don't do anything)
so my question is
is it normal and doesn't effect anything at all? or it's really not ...and I must talk with the customer service
thanks a lot
It's most probably air leaking around the threads, and no amount of tightening will completely stop this. What you need is to put some bee's wax or chap stick (lip balm) on the threads of the nozzle before tightening it, this should resolve the issue. Do this every time you reassemble it after cleaning.

Hope it helps. :)
White knight is right! This kicked my butt for a while until I remember something about Chapstick on the threads. Works amazazing!!!

Lines n Dotz, Lines n Dotz!!!
I agree with the Ferret As does coast airbrush At least with Iwata
I had this problem with my Neo. I used some chapstick and it helped somewhat but it still leaks a little and I'm still getting water drops in the paint (maybe the two problems are not related?)
Yeah I used to use a new wax ring for a toilet seal and works great. Almost all my Iwatas leak and have stopped waxing them and it doesn't really affect my painting. Even my brand new micron was blowing bubbles as soon as I got it.
Thanks if it doesn't effect performance so... But...tephlon tape won't do the job as well?