Guest play with airbrushing. Do I need Lear.coat.first.and.clear.when.done.or.just.airbrush.over clear and reclear when.done?
god ths forum is awesome!!!!! i love you guys. do i need some special clear for airbrushes or just a quality automotive clear? and is one coat enough or should i have 3 to 4 before i wet sand. you two guys rock. every time i post something BOTH of you have the same answer for me. so cool. Jeff Smith from North Carolina
Using an automotive clear on a helmet is the way to go but, you don't want to clear the helmet with your airbrush....You'll want to use something with a larger tip....a full size spray gun is recommended, but you could use a mini gun/touch up gun for small projects like a helmet.
When I do helmets, I've got a local auto body shop that will clear them for me. If I have it taped and ready to go, they just clear it with their next vehicle and it costs me $25. I could do it myself, but with the cost of a good 2K clear and the time and hassle of spraying it, I figure $25 is a great deal.
Everyone already nailed it! I will add that the only clear you should run through an airbrush is an intercoat clear! Like HOK SG-100. The top coat 2K clear can ruin your airbrush!!