Too many paints to choose from



I went cheap to start with. I picked up a Veda 182 (even though I ordered a Veda 134 but that's a different story). I have no idea where to begin other than that. So... I have a brand new airbrush and no paint and no idea where to start. Who wants to throw in their advice? I'll be primarily using the airbrush to add details to R/C models.

Thanks all!
You need to start with an easy to use paint. I started with water color from a tube. But a nice easy to use paint that is easy to find in the states is com-art. Get a small bottle of transparent smoke and go to town on a pad of newsprint paper. Get the lines and dots. Try spheres and cubes. Learn the basics from YouTube or somewhere and just practice. Then when you are sure it's for you invest in what's needed to paint your r/c stuff. Not sure on that but I think tamaya paints are what they use. I also don't know how well they spray. But you want to learn control first and you will get frustrated fast if you try to paint with a hard to use paint while learning that. Even just water and food coloring is a good start but a little to thin for control.