Toothpick sliced in half and filed



I have had the Iwata HP Cplus for a few weeks now and loving it generally, until my first major clog up. Not fun. Got everything totally clean (or so I thought) and still no paint coming out, until I realized the very tiny nozzle was plugged. The needle would not go through. I soaked overnight in Createx cleaner, and tried to get the paint out, with a toothpic and interdental tool, but no luck. I soaked it some more in nail polisher remover, cut a toothpick down the center and filed it round, very small. I managed to push out the tiniest sliver of dried acrylic paint, and that is what did it. Without lots of patience and perserverance this baby would remain clogged.
Buy some Airbrush Restorer (made by Createx) It will cut through the toughest clog.. You cab find it on this page
I have had a bottle for a few years now and you can reuse it as long as you do not get water mixed into it.
Just get a small bowl and place the nozzle in it and pour enough in to cover the nozzle let it set for about an hour and than it will clean out easy..
I slice is way finer then just in half. I like it if it can go through the nozzle opening. Never put anything metal inside the nozzle, not even one of those fluffy dental floss thingies. It still has wire inside and can scratch the metal. Personally I don't know why companies like H&S make and recommend their metal scrapers.
Well I sanded the toothpick pretty fine, but amazingly, this is pretty finicky stuff and you have to have the proper mindset, or you can go bonkers I see. I believe this is all part of the learning curve of airbrushing, and the antannae has to always be up for " a less than perfect spray" I will order some restorer for sure, as I thought I had to order a new nozzle, but ya it is all but cleaning very precisely. IMO well worth it the effects and airbrush can achieve is simply amazing.
Uh oh. I stick the dental brushes in my nozzle to clean it all the time!

I've have tried to use the smallest we get here in South Africa and none is small enough to actually go through the tip of the nozzle. I also don't trust the wire. I don't like metal inside my nozzles at all. One scratch and you will always struggle to get it perfect clean.