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Hey, guys!!!
I have something fantastic. Here is the exclusive trailer for my video tutorial realistic painting on IPad. I will show you how to paint even you have no experience. The full tutorial will be available on April-23-2015 on my website.

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Have fun and a wonderful weekend!!
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Like the look of that,especially the fact you can learn about layers, transparents and the colour wheel. How much of it translates into being relative to an airbrush?
I have such a hard time with iPad graphics and sketching. Maybe because I have a mini. It's almost made me want to switch to a Microsoft Surface Pro.
Hey, guys, thanks for watching. Yes. I will show you everythink you can do with different art programs. This video will be part one of a lot. On every video I will present one program. And the technique I will teach on this program is very useful for airbrush art, too. Wait and see
And one of the great parts of digital painting is: you can use it as pre scetch for your airbrush, after you finished a picture you can sent it to be printed on every surface you want and there are so many possabilities to use it!
That is the idea, a loose rendition, to convey your ideas. Makes a great tool to show a custom what it can look like. I just need more time to learn to do it more.
If you like to learn more I really hope you will like my tutorial. As I said.. There are many possabilities to use the digital art