Transparent and opaque with wicked paints...



when I first started airbrushing about a month or two ago, i got a bunch of wicked paint...I'm trying to figure out what colors are transparent and which are opaque (other than the wicked opaque white). I'm trying to learn when and when not to use transparent knowing which of my paints are transparent would be nice, or do I need to buy the wicked detail colors (i understand that those are finer grain, but are they transparent? or is the finer grain what makes it transparent....I"M SO CONFUSED!!! i hope i didnt confuse you too...sorry haha
None of the are transparent. You can add any of them to a transparent base or Illustration Base and make them transparent.
You can also over reduce them and make them more transparent.
The finer the pigment the more pigment there is in the paint make the color more bright and vivid.
So the regular Wicked over reduced will be more transparent.
hope that makes sense to you.
Thanks Micron! that does make sense to me for the most there a difference between "candy" and "transparent" ... what makes candy a candy?