Transparent Paint


Double Actioner
In the Denise Richards video, airbrush tutor uses transparent paint.. I see on amazon there is transparent paint.. I wonder what he used? The peach or the tint white.. Is there an a
alternate method? Maybe reducing some transparent white and adding a little red or orange to get the tint you want for the highlight?


Double Actioner
I don't have any transparent white.. I bought the spectra-tex kit with basic colors and the neon kit.. On most colors, it doesn't say if its transparent or opaque.. Can anyone help clarify? Seems like you would want to use mostly transparent paint especially when you are using layers and blending colors.. Sorry I know they are stupid questions but I'm still so new.


Air-Valve Autobot!
Just a thought..have a read of this article..It may help explain what makes paint a transparent or an opaque..

Natural Pigments - Why Some Paints are Transparent and Others Opaque

It all has to do I believe is the refractive aspect of the pigment used, the dispersion of the pigment, the shape and grind of the pigment, what binders are used etc etc..The article explains it better than I could. You may struggle using an trans white, mixing it with a trans red or orange and getting a true transparent styled paint due to the above issues..Especially if the color your using is an opaque..The other thing is that it would no doubt create a pastel, more semi-opaque paint rather than a true transparent, few if not all transparents have no white pigment in them as far as I know but I ain't a manufacturer m8 and Ken no doubt would know better....mix trans white with trans red and you'll get a pastel pink. Trans white and trans orange would give you more a pastel light orange and each imo wld be a semi-opaque styled paint rather than a true transparent by nature of adding white, trans or not.. .....I think LOL