Transparents over neutrals


Air-Valve Autobot!
On my current project, I'm experimenting with colours. I'm investigating which colours works best over which. So far I've done red and yellow. These are just E'tac Marissa colours. The colours layed over the base, although not 100% opaque, were made more transparent with Reduce-air transparent base.

compare_red over_sml.jpg

compare_yellow over_sml.jpg
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Nice idea, Andre! It's important to know pigments behavior, so we could use it while painting.
I thought to make these experiments myself, but with my urethanes. They almost all are transparent paints and their range is more wide than among any AB paints.
Interesting indeed. The greys with the yellow over them, do you think the yellow is picking up the blue tone in the grey to make the green or is it just a trick of the eyes...? Or both maybe?
Ahhh thats what I thought LOL.."The Blair buffer" technique LOL..its called painting with opaques and nearly every artform uses the same technique so its not anything special nor does Mr Blair deserve to name a commonly used technique independently discovered by about nearly every painter who has ever existed- but that's another story, though I have issues kinda with the word "buffer" used to describe it, to buffer in terminology refers to making something less impacting, dimishing it etc and that's really not whats happening imo although perhaps fairly argued that it does to some degree diminish a color from its original form..Its made up terminology that is confusing when used with paint :). By adding white we simply are creating an opaque color, but either way you can't do that with transparent base...Tis a touch confusing to a beginner who comes along and reads that your making your paint more opaque by adding transparent base..but perhaps I'm just reading it wrong..
WHOAH!!! BIG error there, thanks for pointing it out. It should have read "more transparent with Reduce-air transparent base". I will ask admin to amend it for me.
LOL, figured it was just a typo but also a good chance to stir Hehehe, but that's just me ;), you shld be able to just edit it.
Love the yellow and moss green.
Been meaning to do this too! The etac paints are more opaque than the CI paints in my experience, something I only recently realised doing the lion, cant wait to see the rest of your results
Hmmm agree with musicmacd aswell. .... think the yellow on grey makes for some nice gold tones in photo also