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Good afternoon all ,i have seen and heard a lot of good things regarding these paints .So i looked into purchasing some in the uk however it appears that our only importer is dropping the line due to a slow uptake and the fact that the import duties from our friends in oz are too high . I have tried to contact Trident direct on a few occasions with no reply . Firstly i need to know if there is going to be a uk importer .I also want to know from anyone who has experience with using this paint 1st hand what its actually like good or bad i would like your views. Thanx in advance .
Only have the trident white, must say it covers better than the white from Schmincke, bought a bottle of 250ml for €22.50.
The shop where i bought it said and have shown that you could make waterbased candy by mixing 1part paint on 3 parts Trident Transparent base[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, Tahoma, sans-serif] and 1:1 with reducer.
So from what i have seen from it it looks great and im planing to buy some different colors in the future.[/FONT]​


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the agents in Oz are DNA paints and are very helpfull. Works out very expensive as the Oz dollar is higher than the US but the paint is great (takes a bit of getting use to) but is the best water based paint available, colours are very strong and flows really well and you can get amazing detail out of it with very little effort hope this helps...
Cheers Lou.
Well still no replies to any emails either to trident or suppliers so will give it another week then may well look else where .
Darren i have just had a very positive reply from dna paints regarding trident while a new uk supplier is sorted out .I will let you know how i get on .
I have decided to take the plunge and get some trident paint which will be on its way by tuesday next week .So looking forward to giving it a try .When it arrives i will have a play and as a newbie to ab i will be able to give an honest opinion as to its qualities .I know it will be better than my abilities to produce art work at the moment but because it is more refined than the automotive water based products that i have been using for practicing i feel it will iron out a few issues and help me develop further .I have spoken to someone who is using trident and he is an artist imho and his work is impressive .I have tried a little sample and it instantly improved my fine lining and i found tip dry non existent in the time i was trying the sample .So will post some reviews once its here .
Coming are the new Wicked paints, Wicked Illustration. Its currently in development and on test try with Dru Blair and Eddy Wouters on their European tour.
So hopefully it will be soon when these get available. Also rumoured to have almost no tip dry.

Problem I think you will get on the Trident is that its hard to get the color transparant. But ey who am I to say, I still have to get started loll
Fire panther as with all water based paints just like my automotive ones technology moves on very quickly we are on 3rd generation ones now and by adding pigments and dyes to the carrier base/transparent base coat they have been able to achieve candy effects and transparent colours which was a real issue a few years back .I have done this myself to good effect .The point you make about it being hard to get the colour transparent is because of the strength of the pigmentation being very high and you just have to adjust this in your colour formulations .I will be able to give first hand opinion soon once i have had a play and can hopefully give you some facts .
That would be great, not much use the trident paints. Will be a very nice addition to this forum to have some result :D
Firstly i would like to thank DNA for all there help with getting my Trident paint order sorted and at my door today .First impressions of trident is this is good stuff with very high pigment content much like one of my auto body water based paint schemes .I have only had a small chance to play today but it defiantly flows and has little to no tip dry .Coverage was excellent also . I will let you know more when i get chance to play around on a helmet project i am planning .
There a a few Europaen Dealers, no need to get it from Australia

see : and dealers

Cheers ;0)
Kenneth i got a better deal from oz m8 and they also said they would keep me informed as soon as a new uk distributor network was up and running ,which is supposed to be soon .
Hey guys, i seen there is a airbrush shop here in germany that is also selling the Trident paints, i think i will order some to give them a try as soon as i used most of the paint i still have here.
Kinda heard nothing but good about Trident so far, and i kinda like the fact even when its reduced it wont lose the power of the color and a black still is black and not faded out then.
Coming are the new Wicked paints, Wicked Illustration. Its currently in development and on test try with Dru Blair and Eddy Wouters on their European tour.
So hopefully it will be soon when these get available. Also rumoured to have almost no tip dry.

I'd be very interested in hearing more about the Wicked Illustration.

I've just ordered me a sample set of Wicked Detail colors to try out.
Evening all ,well had a little play around with trident today nothing much just some practice sheets etc and trying the different reducing ratios .Firstly the reducer is defiantly different from other water based systems and i believe it has an accelerator in it for drying quicker. I was only using the black which is really highly pigmented and the only real way to make it not so strong is to use transparent base .I decided to test how long a time it would take to get any tip dry and it was once in 1 hour first time and once in 2 hours the next time .This was using a 3 to 1 mix of paint to reducer .Due to the fact i use the aztek ab with its removable tip/nozzles i tried all 9 out to see if it was any different from other paints used in the same tips .The results from this was that i can easily just use 4 out of the 9 to do all that i need to do .Well the next and biggest improvement for me was the fact that i have been able to pull finer lines much more easily .Clean up is a case of if you get it on your hands wash it off asap due to the strength of colour or it takes a bit more scrubbing .One recommendation i have and will be doing tomorrow is to decant the paint into some bottles with the twist type dropper tops this is to aid making mixing more accurate . The supplied bottles have flip tops which tend to overdose to easily for my liking .To aid mixing the supplied bottles contain a marble to agitate the paint .I also as an experiment filtered some paint as water based paints are in general "dirty" .This has been nicely pre filtered .
Good morning Mitch Yes !! at the moment i do recommend trident from a newbies point of view and for the fact its the environmentally way to go .I have just put the claims of "once cured its not really re- wet able " to the test .The results were better than expected as i sprayed water at 40psi all over the practice sheets" Normal paper " the work just stayed there with no bleed .This bodes well if you happen to be working in an area that gets cold at night and moisture is in the air as it should not affect your work .The only downside i see for people at the moment is the fact that trident do not yet produce special effect colours /
fluorescents/pearls/metallics/xrilliacs etc like a lot of the established manufactures do.I will presume that this will happen down the road .Gotta go as i need more practice my dagger strokes are pants lol .
Can you use water for reducer or do you need the actual reducer to thin the paints??