They are all true!!! Great paint, to bad for me that the shipping will take off most of the discount.
I don't know brother, ill try and do some investigation today, however with a 3rd off at the moment it seems like a good time to get it if funds wil stretch. apparently it is so heavily pigmented you can reduce it 10:1, use likeno paint at all but a hell of a lot of illustration base and reducer
YES! It's great stuff but you will need there reducer and transperant base to get the "TRU" effect :rolleyes:
Definitely at awesome paint.... I got the tru8 was impressed so just got in the rest of the colours and the trans base.... Awesome :)
that is awesome paint (only black tested), spraying so nice and tipdry not so much like wicked, but i have "problems" with transparency, very strong pigment, it´s always sooo black! :)
This is what svee said in a Youtube clip. You have to dilute the crap out of it before it becomes transparent. I think I must try it one time...
I have been using Trident for a while and i love the stuff .I understood from them that a new distributor was being lined up .