Trigger dead angle


Air-Valve Autobot!
I hava an Iwata revolution CR (gravity feed)
I feel that I have a great angle of the trigger where paint doesn't come out , I know that is all about density , pressure , etc.

I should get used to this or that can be arranged ?
Sorry Diego, I may be being a bit dense, but I'm not sure exactly what you're getting at. Do you mean that if you pull back the trigger in a certain position the paint isn't flowing?
Are you talking about when you pull the trigger just a little and you get nothing, but if you pull a little further it works ok? If you are it's what some call "lag" in the trigger. You can thin your paints more and that helps a good bit, and you can unscrew the trigger system a little to losses it a bit. This is one of the down falls to the lower end models and what sets the microns and krome's apart from the others. Thinning your paint right will make the biggest difference.

It may also be combined with you needle not moving back and forth perfectly center of the nozzle. That's where the good trigger systems make the biggest difference in the expensive brushes.

Squishy sorry for my bad english :/

Thanks Seamonkey , you hit the spot with your response , that's is what I was asking .
Also you answer my old question "why are some AB models so expensive ? "

I Learn something all the time here , I love this community
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Squishy sorry for my bad english :/

There's absolutely nothing wrong with your English Diego, only my understanding. I always feel slightly ashamed that so many people speak English so well, when apart from a very vague understanding of french I've never bothered to learn another language. Your English is great Diego!