Triple-Action Handle?



I was browsing Amazon and I came across this Iwata-Medea Triple-Action Handle sets. The description is:

"This new triple-action handle from Iwata gives users instant access to the needle for fast, full flushing and quick, easy replacement or cleaning.

A pre-set handle feature actually holds the needle back from the nozzle, allowing for more consistent spray, time after time."

It comes with five metallic interchangeable different colored handles and has a threaded needle knob on the rear of the handle to store your needle cap.

Anyway, I was wondering if this product was worth a dang. Any opinions?
I have it and it only got about 5min of use. I didnt like it at all, but i was still learning how to airbrush and that was really to much going on for me. I paid 40 for it, ill take 10 for it LOL!!!!

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I bought one for my CS, at first I thought it was great but the longer I used it the more I noticed that the needle was getting bent at the end the extra weight of the triple action head was on. After replacing the needle I put the original handle back on and have yet to have a bent needle.
So to me it is not worth the money. Hobby Lobby 40% off coupon 24 dollars from the original price of 39.99. But most of the people who have used them no longer do , A lot of them complained about the extra weight it added to the handle end of the brush , Some had needle bends (like me) and some found it just to had to install.
Save your money . Plus on the forum I was on at the time the inventor of it was a member until all the the bad feed back started being posted up.
Yeah, it was just over twenty bucks on Amazon but still seemingly not worth the extra money. It's a shame, that metallic red handle is sexy.
What part of Texas you in?
Being you could put just the metallic red handle on and nothing else , Than you would love it. The other stuff is a cool concept but just lacks in my book. I can picture the Metallic rad handle with one of those light up valve stem skull caps on the end of it. No real function but cool to look at.

But there again this is base off my experience using the handles set up, which I ran for about 6 months until I figured out why my needles were bending.
I liked the blue one better:D The red needed flames.
Lake Jackson, it's about an hour south of Houston. And lights for the brush? *drool*

Seamonkey, I might take you up on that $10 if you want to get rid of the red. All my girly impulses are mourning over that handle, haha.
This is what it would look like.....


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Thought you would like it, My sister bought me the light up valve stem caps I think Kmart bicycle area, But she said she bought them because the were skulls. Anyway when I did not like the whole triple action thing I shaved the 4 little nubs off the out side of the valve caps and stuck it into the handle. Other wise on the Eclipse CS the needle comes to the very end . But it will not work on the Micron due to the threads are on the body of the brush and not the handle.
So you guys like this or not ? This is worth the meney ? You guys talk about extra weight and needle bent ....... ?! How much weight you add ? How you can bent a needle with an handle ???
So you guys like this or not ? This is worth the meney ? You guys talk about extra weight and needle bent ....... ?! How much weight you add ? How you can bent a needle with an handle ???

It did not work out the way I thought it would , So to me it was a waste of money but I did buy it , Try it and now it just sits in a box of other things I have tried and did not work for me.
The weight of the added pieces to the blunt end of the need has a bit of play in it allowing it to warp your needle making the point end of the need not seat into the nozzle. This happens over time (About a month)
It is a good concept and maybe if the machining was set to a closer tolerance it would work better.