Trouble with the Krome



I have been running the Krome for a week or so now, cleaning it pretty well, but my trigger is sticking. The little c looking piece that sticks up behind the trigger is what is getting stuck. it gets stuck about halfway on the pull back. it will go past that point, then on release of the trigger going forward that piece seems to like catch on a notch in the body or something and not allow the needle back forward. If I give a gentle push it will pop back forward, the trigger feels smooth untill this odd catch on the trigger about halfway back. it really feels like it is catching in a groove then popping out where the bottom of that c shaped piece touches the inside of the body of the airbrush. :bull_head: I really don't want to buy a new one, what is going on with it? Could I have seriously created a groove in the body simply from use?
When you dissemble the brush get a bit of needle juice/regdab/ky jelly/nob oil or similar on that whole carriage....put it back together see if it still does it.....if so could be a little bit of skerf or something sticking up inside the chauncey, could also be the slot where the "c"piece runs up and down behind the trigger has a little notch our bump......maybe a little mild filing would sort it.....try lubing it up first and if that didn't work then email ken at badger and he wil take care of you for sure!
I just found out what was wrong. I got the idea to compare internals of my 105 patriot to the internals of the krome. At first I thought maybe I swapped a few parts between the two on accident, but when comparing the c shaped pieces (which I found out is called the "back lever") I found that the one in my krome was not bent nearly as much of a c shape as the one in my patriot. So before I decided to bend it I tried putting the back lever from the patriot into my krome. I had no trigger drag notchy feel! So with a pencil for the round shape and some pressure between my thumb and the edge of my desk I bent the Krome back lever back to the shape it was supposed to be. Problem solved. Thank you for the response though! Your suggestion made me take it apart again so in a way you helped me solve the problem! Thank you much. I will need to buy a new back lever since this one is obviously not very good anymore, not sure what I did to it to bend it like that in the first place, but until the new piece gets here I have a temporary fix.