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hi I have been watching mike lavelle true fire dvd and he uses h o k paints,are they opaque as I have been watching other dvds and they use createx paints which are I was wondering which was best way to go,thanks in advance
It's been a while but I think Mike uses candies with an opaque white base, candies are another animal again. Most true fire with solvent based paints use the candy system as it can produce more depth.
Water based true fire uses both opaque (white) and transparent paints and can look every bit as good but the process is a bit different. You can reduce your transparents right down to make a pseudo candy but there are other ways. Depending on the brand, most have a true fire tutorial using their paint and if you have a look on AirbruhtTutor's youtube site you will find a tutorial as well.
It doesn't realy matter what you use the trick (as far as I have managed to deduce it :p) is in the fact you use an opaque followed by a candy or transparant

By using an opaque followed by a slightly darker candy and repeating this proces from red to yellow/white you are able to get those nice blends and transitions needed for true fire. The opaque is used for the base/shape of the flame and the candy/transparant is what creates the blends and transitions.
Wicked (by createx) is great for fire. As haasje says an opaque for shapes and then detail Wicked (which is there trans version) for colours and blends. Wicked is quite heavily pigmented and so is great for fire, it really pops when cleared. I think it's as close to a candy look as you'll get with waterbased. I much prefer it to auto air candies which I didn't really like at all.
hey thanks everybody,I've got created I will let,show how iget on .
well here's my effort
let me know what you think


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That didnt come out too bad. It does look a bit on the pink side.. Always remember white and red make pink. You can fix that by using a yellow instead of white. A mustard yellow is a better yellow to use too, lemon yellow is too pale. Anyway, your fire is a nice shape but I would take a look at lots of reference pics, then choose your layout and then try and pick bits that you like from a couple of pictures and try to integrate them. The createx candies are pigment based which are ok but you don't get the same effect as with the solvent dye based ones. Keep having a go though, and make sure you check out the real fire tutorial by Mitch ( Airbrush Tutor ) it is very very good and with water based paints. Not one to miss if you want to perfect it.

thanks for the advise.believe it or not that was wicked yellow with white in. I will def try vid out
You might have to change it to white with yellow in as white is usually a bit more opaque where as yellow is no so.

try this, youll need to see all 3 parts though
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