TUTORIAL: create your cleaning station and airbrush support



Hi all now im gonna show you an easy way to make your cleaning station and support with home stuff first you need

Empty coffee box , cutter , old marker , 2 little hooks , hot glue gun , and torch .
DSCF1111.jpg now you take the cutter and make an hole in top center of your coffee box , and you cut the marker like that DSCF1113.jpg and now plug the glue gun and give an angle at your marker to get that DSCF1114.jpg and don't forget to putt some glue under the cap like this DSCF1115.jpg after that you make some little hole on the cap like this DSCF1118.jpg well done you have your own cleaning station :D and now let make airbrush support take your 2 little hooks and use the torch to make it smooth and set it as you like to hold your airbrush safely like that ( i will post the picture in other post limited 5 picture lol) everyone can make it and its very cheaper hope that help ya have a nice day all :)
I built one like this, but I put a filter off of a respirator for the vent. Now I can clean uro's out of my airbrush without fogging the room with fumes. It's not perfect, but much better with the fumes going through the filter.
this may help him put a filter is safe if you use the oil painting and thinner odors cause headaches lol.but for me that I use Water to wash my airbrush it work perfectly, I do not use oil paint.acrylic only for me :).maybe a little cloud of water and paint but it is really minimal.it is only for a small economy.but I will buy one soon when I exchange for oil paint :P because thinner really stinks lol
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Use a used dryer sheet as a filter. It smells great i use them for my wood working dust collector.