Two question that are depending on eachother



Hi all,

I have some difficulties with white paint, i see a lot of people spraying black and highlighing in white or basicly any colour.

When i try to paint white on top of a darker it gets grey or weird, not white anyways. What am i doing wrong ? Im using Createx colors on paper for airbrushing.

Also this leads me to my next problem, i want to paint mist/fog on a darker image with a lot of black and green. Since i cant solve problem one i dont even want to try this just yet.

Any suggestions ?

ido it just white bottom and then thinned black areas then after all dark spot are done just add white in highlight spots so, i start white so i dont have to add so much white later, if you add black first it really hard to get back white later hope you get my point283166_184523495015701_465009425_n.jpglike here first white then thinned black on dark spot and shadows and colorind and later white highlights
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That colour change when you paint white over black (or darker colours) is called blue shift. You can add a teeny drop of orange to the white to help with this. Or if you are painting on a white surface preserve your highlights by not painting the area you want highlighted. It doesn't matter so much when you are fogging an area in, the colour you spray over it will still come out fine. The more white you use to fog with, the brighter the colour you use to paint over it will be.