type of eraser to use



I have decided to work on mixed media board so I know I will kneed some erasers for detail work. because the exact knife could destroy the media board I want to use. I was wondering what kind of pencil eraser I should get. Or should I get an electric eraser. Sound off everyone :)
I use the faber castle pencil eraser which is white at one end and pink the other , give me the choice of soft or hard erasing. An electric eraser with both the soft and hard tips will also be your best friend .

2mm fibre pen is another option but can be a bit aggressive on paper.
I agree with bean.
my weapons of choice.

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Just spray some color on board that will allow erasing/scratching and paractice.
Different surfaces behave differently. Some surfaces you can be quite heavy handed with, others need a light hand.

With the blade think 'stroking' rather than 'scratching' - scratching infers a heavier hand than stroking, you're only removing a Thin layer of paint, not sculpting.

With the fiberglass eraser, once again stroking will likely give the required results. Use something other than your hand to wipe the dust away.... fiberglass shards in your hand is not pleasant. I find a large soft make up brush does the trick.
I have never been able to get pencil erasers to work like that, but after experimenting, you find what works for you, and I use them in more subtle ways - not that I am great at erasing anyway. My main mistake when I first tried was not putting enough paint down to start with, and also working on porous surfaces.
Just remember that there has to be paint on the surface in order for it to be removed. If you work on a porous surface you can not thin your paint too much. It will just be absorbed into the fibres and you can not remove it again. If you need a transparent colour, rather use medium/transparent base than reducer.