u.k supplier for etac A.G


ad fez

hey guys, pete milichamp at airbrushandpaint based in yarmouth has just informed me that in a few weeks he will be receiving a supply of both ETAC AG and also the createx illustration colours, for those that have not used petes services before I can not recommend him enough, most of the things I have ordered from him have arrived at my door the very next day, his knowledge of the paints is second to none , his prices are bang on and he stocks everything you could want including H.O.K and body and cake paints...check out his site here......... http://www.airbrushandpaint.co.uk/index.html you can order over the phone, on the web or if you are local walk in and have a chat.....get him a starbucks and you wil have a friend for life!
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Ditto to what fuzzily has just said, also he is the man to contact for the Marissa course in april....ee's a right diamond geezer:)