UK disabled artist trying to get back into airbrushing



Hi all, I am a 53 year old photographer/painter who after a gap of 25 years since I last picked up an airbrush is trying to crawl back into the land of the living. I developed Sarcoidosis (nearest description is non infectious TB) in the mid 90s and I really need to do something to try and take my mind off the pain, exhaustion and muscle weakness. I always loved airbrushing and have begun re-equipping my "studio" with paints and Iwata brushes.:lemo:
Welcome to the forum from the US.

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Hi kindredspirit, welcome from a fellow Brit. Glad you're picking up the brush again. Quite a few have either taken up ABing after becoming ill or injured, including myself, and I've found it to be pretty therapeutic, so hope it can help in some way. I'm sure it'll all come back to you when you get started, but lots of great guys around here who'll be more than happy to help out if needed.
Hello and welcome from the US (east coast), lots of great folks here, look forward to seeing some of your work.
Welcome to the forum Kindred, there is so much to learn it will surely take your mind off other things.
Cheers Mel
welcome from honduras,hope you can callthis plcae home as i do!!!we are here for anything you want!!!:angel:
Woah that sounds horrible brother. ... welcome along though mate and if I or any other member can help you along at all then Just ask. ... where bouts in UK are you mate
Hello and welcome from Alberta, Canada.. There is a great bunch of people here.. I'm sure you will love it!
Welcome to the forum! I dropped out for 20 years myself, welcome back!
Another welcome from the UK. This is certainly the place to be and we will help you as much as possible to get you back into airbrushing.
Welcome! This is a really cool place with tons of people who never tire at giving advice and help. I hope you feel better and the airbrushing can provide some relief even if just a little :)