UK - Midlands looking for paint supplier



Hi guys, I have been searching for ages with limited joy. I am trying to find a good place to order paints from, don't care where just prefer it to be UK based, time to ship and cost, plus helps the economy if bought in house. I am mainly after paints for automotive work, i am trying to do some motorcycle painting over the winter, bike fairings and helmets.

Any assistance is as always appreciated. My kit arrives some time next week, just move here from overseas.

Thanks in advance
hi im in uk to i use everything airbrush fast post not sure what paint your looking for he sells wicked autoair and many more
S m designs is fantastic supplier. N ireland but cheap or free postage.
Used both of the places mentioned above, and both have great customer service. SM designs I believe have a minimum spend for free postage but I did get an everlasting discount code for money off future purchases, everything airbrush are fairly local to me and the one time I had an issue, bent over backwards to get it sorted.
Have also used and again as they are relatively close to me
The reason I don't have just one regular supplier is that I'm tight, and shop around for the cheapest price. These guys have had good prices but for different items.
hey brother I can recommend Welcome - createxpaints formerly pete milichamp ruins a great service, if I order on monday I've always got it by wednesday morning latest. he stocks some great paint... h.o.k, wicked etac etc etc he really knows his stuff and will advise you on anything you need
Yep... All of those are great suppliers... Really helpful. I've also used the airbrush company as well. I notice noone has posted links to the suppliers.... Are we not allowed to put links on this forum?