UK UK Retailers that I'd like to recommend


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I'd like to recommend two retailers from the UK both online and visitable shops.

First up is a small shop in Yorkshire -
I purchased my H&S Ultra from them and had it next day, they stock a large selection of airbrushes and accessories, they also specialise in plastic model kits all at ideal and right prices.

The other is
As the name implies they deal in just about everything you may need for airbrushing, you name it they can probably get it, prices are reasonable too. And delivery is fast and efficient too.

Hope this helps anyone and everyone, they're both on Facebook also. They both deal international also.

Just a little bit of a thumbs up from me to both of them.

Keep the air flowing peeps

I can add a recommendation to everythingairbrush though they don't seem to stock Iwata or Wicked anymore, they have been helpful and quick to deliver before.

Is it wrong that I read veteranus as veteran anus?? Probs says something about me.
Simon Murray is a good egg. Great after sales service. I had an issue once and he phoned and got it resolved. He has some informative youtube vids about product too.
He is, he's given me plenty of advice and pointed me in the right direction for a few bits I was stuck with. I made an order of wicked paints and reducer and had really quick, and the prices were the best around :)