Ultra-Ever Dry on needle tip



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ultra ever dry
Has anyone tried this product? applying it on needle tip maybe?
Never mind I watched the video... Rustoleum makes a smiliar product.... Are you thinking about putting that on your ab needle?
Interesting chemicals!
It's said on their site "for industrial only" not sold for individuals.
I'd like to try it. I wonder how it sticks to the metal surface, maybe it even would work for our needles. It would be great.
Thanx for the info!:thumbsup:
If you have a spare nozzle tip and needle ... You can test it on those.
If it creates a barrier on the object it is applied to then it might not spray properly or as accurate... But I'm definitely curious on your results. I just apply a bit of the Iwata oil my needle and it helps out a bit, with no adverse effects.
Many polish their needles to assist in reducing tip dry through reducing resistance, personally wouldn't use such a product as others mention above as it would potentially upset the flow over the needle as microscopically I doubt it would be as smooth a surface as the metal itself and would also doubt it would hold onto the needle itself with pressure behind it trying to launch it onto your job :) but maybe worth a try :) Am waiting for someone to develop a silicon based needle or the like..
I don't like to use anything in my gun or on my needle, just so there's nothing that could affect auto work, and I don't miss it. Tip dry isn't an issue for me anymore, (once or twice an hour) but it used to be before I really got to know my paint. If it worked I would have snapped up something like this I think if it wasn't for the auto stuff. But would be good to know what the effect would be.
I agree with others. No way would I ever put that on my needle. No way of knowing long time effects of your airbrush. Plus, as @Squishy said, once you get more user friendly with your paint and reducer, I too hardly ever have tip dry.