Um... Hi.



Totally new to all of this, but having a blast learning. I am pretty shy and reserved, so I probably won't post much. I love learning, so I will be in "absorb mode" for the foreseeable future. Starting out with a Badger 200, and will move up when I feel comfortable doing so.

BTW, I noticed that a new member is referred to as a "Young Tutorling". At 53, being referenced as "young" in any way is quite a treat, so thanks for that!
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welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!
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Welcome to the forum.

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Welcome Home madmick, At 53 your are still a young pup......LOL well compared to me and some others on here. But it just goes to show you are never to old to learn :D
You have found a great place to learn hang out and have fun with some outstanding folks.
Hi madmick, welcome aboard, we will let you be shy and reserved just for a little bit LOL, I'm sure you will like it here and the family of this forum won't hesitate to help you in any way :)
Thank you all for such warm welcome messages. I can attest that this is not something that you get on every forum out there. It is quite rare and quite refreshing. You have a wonderful and diverse information resource here, and I look forward to gleaning all that I can from it. Thanks again!
Hey mick welcome to the forum. Don't be too shy. There's no attitude here, and if you post your pics of your efforts, I can guarantee only positive critiques that will have you improving in leaps and bounds. There are so many amazing and talented artists here, who are only too happy to help newbies, so jump on in.