I'm looking to do an upgrade on my airbrushes starting to make a profit from work. I do automotive and motorcycle work and I use water base paint, something that I can get good detail work with, and want break the bank.
What is your budget?
What do you have now?

For the range in size you are doing, I'd probably recommend either the Iwata Eclipse CS, HP-CH, or the H&S Infinity CR Plus 2 in 1
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I second Iwata. Personal choice really . Had Badgers and just have better feel and control of my Iwatas.
I do automotive work a fair bit and use the HP-CS. Not technically a detail brush as such as it has a .35 nozzle, but can do super fine detail when with a good paint/reduction/air ratio and a bit of practice (Check my sig and look at my FB page if you want to see some examples to give you an idea) As it can also spray up to a 2 inch pattern for slightly larger areas, I find it ideal for automotive work as it's an all rounder, is bullet proof as far as parts go (as long as you don't use it as a javelin lol), and is a lot of brush for the money. My only upgrade from here would be a micron, but then you are talking big money. Where in the world do you live? If it is europe then Lion Art have good prices - someone recently recommended them to me and that's who I'll be trying next time.