urgent help needed pls



I hope you can help me. I ordered a badger 155 from ebay . Seller is in USA I'm in Australia. I think I have got burnt by this guy. I have an artlogic twin compressor and really wanted the badger airbrush (I know I have to buy an adaptor) I have to start work at the markets in 10 days and have no airbrush now. Are the logic airbrushes any good. I have the choice of:

1. Artlogic Single Action Syphon Feed Airbrush Kit This is the base model airbrush which is economical and lightweight. Its a single action, external mix and can spray thinned oil and water based paints, enamels and lacquers. It has a (22cc) bottom-feed paint jar with a high impact nylon lid. The air brush operates on 15 - 30PSI

Artlogic airbrush double action Double action, siphon feed/ Internal mix. 0.35mm needle Size. It has a 22cc/1oz bottom-feed paint jar with a high impact nylon lid and also a metal paint cup. The airbrush operates on 15 - 30PSI Comes complete with accessories in display box.

Artlogic AC335 - 0.35mm Double Action Siphon Feed Airbrush *AC335 Double Action, Internal mix, Siphon Feed Airbrush** 0.35mm Needle and nozzle assembly and 22cc/1oz Bottle paint jar with a high impact nylon lid and also a 1/4 oz metal paint cup. The Artlogic range of airbrushes have been selected for their quality and reliability and present excellent value for money. Made of rugged chrome-plated brass these precision manufactured airbrushes are not only well suited to body art, airbrush tattoos and general airbrushing. Comes in a Display Pack with fluid tip wrench. Also included is a “User Guide/Spare parts sheet”. Recommended be used with water based and alochol based paints and will need an air hose with 1/8" fittings

Was hoping you could help me decide which of these would be the best. Definately need siphon feed as already have the bottles, which were badger bottles, will they connect to the artlogic. They are just glass bottles with a plastic tube. I have been advised double action is better than single action. I am only spraying temporary tattoos on kids limbs...lol.

Thanks so much in advance for your help.

Lol, it does appear that #2 and #3 are the same.

I don't know anything about Artlogic but the bottles I have from different manufacturers are interchangeable.

I guess single or double action would depend on whether or not your spraying over a stencil or actually painting a "tattoo"

I hope you have fun at the job.

Hi BR - I did reply to your PM, there is another consideration if you have the time to wait, amazon does the sotar for $60 odd US. great brush for the price. I must say though that the bottom feed bottles are good for stopping the paint from evaporating in the cup and for interchangeability.
For the AC335, look at this review. I believe it is basically the same airbrush. Both are made in China. I suspect it will be good enough for your Tattoos.

Have you sprayed tattoos before? I understand you don't want to use too much air pressure. Others here will know more.