US Cutters?

Laser cutter ability?

  • Cutter does great work (webs, buildings, fine detail)

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  • Cutter does exceptional work (things unable to do by hand)

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  • Laser cutters have limited applications and ability's.

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LaserPoint II Vinyl Cutter by USCutter

In the tutorial video it showed this laser cut a arrow symbol. My question is how detailed of cutting can this machine do? Does anyone have a example of a stencil they made using this kind of cutter?
I have the SC, have not used it for stencils yet, but have cut letters 1/4" tall.

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Are you talking about a US cutters that has a laser eye that just means it cuts with crop marks it is just an eye that will pick up the crop marks for making cut out like a picture sticker type. It is not a laser for lasering stencils it is just a regular cutter. A laser stencil cutter is a totally different machine that cuts with a hot laser and melts the plastic.