Use a Post sanding cleaner & advice for lint free rag?



I'm new to this and haven't been using a post sanding cleaner prior to spraying my base. I simply sand the primer and then wash the part under hot soapy water, allow to dry and then use a tack rag before spraying.
I've been reading a lot on the KC-20 cleaner from HOK, I use HOK paints. is it a good idea to use this stuff? do I use it before clear too?

Also what have people found works well for a lint free rag for wipe downs?
Hey there, just water washing down is good, soap doesn't particularly do anything. In terms of lint free rags I use a suitable cotton rag, toweling, that sort of thing. Tack rags are good as well but can be pricey. Before using any solvent on a surface check what the manufacturer says. They will list suitable things for cleaning.
Thanks bud. I know HOK recommends their KC-20 cleaner but wasn't sure if it was really needed in small airbrushing or not.
Degreasing is one of those things you can't overdo (of course if it takes off the paint then that's bad... :) )