Using Airbrush for Solvent and Waterbase?



Can you use an airbrush for both water based and solvent based paint or do you need separate airbrushes?

What makes an airbrush solvent proof?

Can you use solvent clearcoat on createx airbrush color?

How long can a solvent paint last on paper?
Hi sgh, some you can some you can't, most of the branded ones you can, most badger and iwata brushes are able to use both solvent and water based paints.....what makes an airbrush solvent proof is that the "rubber"seals and o-rings are made from teflon, if this is the case then you are fine.......clear coat depends on the quality of the clear coat, and also quality of the operative, with createx you should be ok but spray a very light tack coat first......solvent paint on paper? I dunno does it normally disappear
You can use the same airbrush for both solvent based and water based applications, just be sure you clean the brush thoroughly before switching.

See Adam's answer above for your second question.

Yes, you can use solvent clear on Createx paint; however, all Createx is not designed for this purpose and the colors will fade over time. Wicked or Auto Air is a better option for this purpose.

Solvent based paint will last a very long time on paper or canvas.
I have been a painter for a few years and would recommend that you do not use automotive clear solvent through the same AB as water based base coat ,this will avoid contamination . I used to use the same guns for both when i started auto painting and even though guns had been in a cleaning machine there were times when contamination happened and even particles of dry clear appearing in the new water based base coat .Its cheap to get a small low air consumption gun just for solvent clear coat and if you have enough cash just have an AB for both .