Using both Iwata and Badger




I am currently using an Eclipse HP-CS and Revolution CR with quick release and flow regulator (this one ... so my set up is 100% Iwata.

I would like to add a Badger Krome to the system. I know that Badger brushes use different size fittings/hoses? What do I need, adapter, etc..., to integrate the Krome into my system so that I don't have to change hoses? Do you think that QR will work with the Krome or should I look for another?

Any suggestions will be appreciated! :)
Badger comes with the adapter so it will fit the Iwata lines so all you have to do is order it:D
See that was easy:D
Okay thanks! That was easy!

What about the QR - is it compatible with the Badger?
Your Krome should have shipped with an adapter. If it did, you will just need another 1/8" male coupling. If not, just get the Badger male coupling.

Okay - this is becoming a bit easier (thanks!) but still got some confusion. I get that the Krome will come with an adapter to use with the Iwata hose. That's good! But I'm not understanding how to marry the quick releases. The chart above suggests that possibly all I need is the part of the Badger QR that attaches to the AB - the male part? Is this correct? So I will need to also order the Badger QR system to get that?

Thanks - sorry I'm so dense about this! ;)
All the male parts are available separately and all of them fit the female QR part. But if you are going to order the male bit, just get the Badger one from the start and no need for the adapter at all.