Using other technology to help draw



I happen to have an iPad but I bet there are other apps for non mac users-

There is an app called Copy It. The idea being, you upload a photo and it puts a grid over it (among other things it can do) which makes it much easier to make a sketch. You can make different sized grids, change the colour, magnify or zoom out etc.
Nice find. I use iDraw for Mac and iPad. As well as illustrator and photoshop. But then I have a plotter and can cut my own stencils and vinyl masks/decals.
I also use idraw and a plotter, can also use corel to a certain extent.
I don't have an I pad but I do use a galaxy Note tablet. It has a little pen-type device and I create my designs on that and also use it to make stencils to send to my printer. (I don't have a plotter)
I do think mixing art, airbrushing and whatever devices, tech or gizmos. You can find or create is a good idea
If it will help me make a better end result, I'll use it, for the most part. It's important, though, to break out the sketchpad once in a while and do it old-school. It doesn't have to be a finished piece, just something to clear those cobwebs.
I use DAZ 3D, GIMP, Inkscape, Irfanview, SignCut, and a plotter. They don't get used on every project, but they come in handy. I do my image editing on my PC, mostly because I've not been able to make my old butt get used to tablets, but partly because programs like DAZ just need the extra computing power.

Again, though, it depends on the project. The one I'm working on now I'm actually trying to do it all on computer, which has been a lesson in patience, to say the least. It's just a matter of using the right tool for the job, which sometimes just comes down to experience.
Yeah I've started using my laptop more and more for working on my pictures before I actually paint them. I've always used Photoshop for composing and cropping the pictures I'm going to paint and I've also used print outs to make stencils. I bought an Intuos Pro Small tablet which I think is great (if expensive) and I am just starting to work on some original designs using that.

I started by tracing an outline of a face from an photo in pencil using my window as a light box. Then I scanned the drawing and put 4 up on an A4 sheet which I printed and again started drawing in pencil over the top. I scanned those in and I am now messing around in Photoshop with those drawings to try and get the results I'm looking for. Once I've got that done and I have an idea how to produce them, I will start airbrushing them.

I'm not very good at drawing but I find doing this kind of thing helps with my drawing skills and gets my eye in when looking for details etc. I think it's good fun too :D
yeah i think thats what its mainly about melbee, if your having fun and trying new things and experimenting with ideas and new techniques thts the best way to learn and also seem to create stuff or find out new techneques by accident that way too. i not very good with computers but i will try use them and do some arty stuff with t hem as i think they are a great tool. spending hours and hours drawing out my designs is great when i want to and if i have time but its also great to have the option of computers to help in the design process. i keep trying to find a way to use the computer for stencils . stencils and shiels are something i stuill need to properly learn to use to my best advantage. as i freehand everthing and it can look a little too hazy and take too long. so if i can get some technology to somehow help that i willl be happy.