Vallejo Model Air paints and 0.2 mm infinity - Help


Pied Wagtail

Hi, I am a new member of your forum and my interest is in painting small plastic kits. My first airbrush is an Eclipse HP-CS which I use with Vallejo model air paints and have had no issues - except that the cup size is too big.

An opportunity came up for me to get an infinity CR 0.2mm and I have been wanting to use a smaller needle for detail work (and the infinity looks terrific and has the features I am looking for)

Initially all was well - I practised my dots and lines with food colorant etc and really loved the performance of the brush. However using the heavier Model Air paints (particularly dark blue) is giving me all sorts of problems. I am either getting orange peel or the paint is running. I have been trying all kinds of air-pressures (from 8 psi to 20 psi) and various dilutions of the paint with the recommended thinner. I have also been spraying from 7 cm away to 3 cm away but cannot get any sort of consistency. I am getting tip dry and am cleaning the tip with a cotton wool bud soaked in cleaner. Sometimes I am getting spattering too which I am putting down to the tip dry issue. I have also found that the airbrush is requiring a lot of cleaning and maybe this is because I am doing something wrong with the pressure/paint/dilution/spraying distance/speed of spraying - so many variables! I am beginning to get a bit despondent but want to persevere until I get it right.

On the Vallejo web-site it says that a 0.2 needle is recommended for models with Model Air but it says to use a pressure of 25 - 30 psi - which seems far too strong for the size of the models I am using. Can anyone help?

The other issue I have is that I really struggle to pull off the needle cap - I am certainly not confident to remove it with the needle in place for fear of doing damage - any tips?

I appreciate that this post might not be on the right board - apols if that is the case.
I think this is a case of me experimenting more - I've had better results today, not perfect but an improvement.
I think this is a case of me experimenting more - I've had better results today, not perfect but an improvement.

Each type of paint will be different. The blue paint may have larger pigment that doesn't play well with the smaller needle/nozzle.
I have personally never used the type of paint you are, but the answers to these questions are usually the same.
Inconsistent paint flow, generally has to do with an obstruction in the nozzle or the paint is not thinned enough.

Are you only having problems with the blue?

Are you able to pull consistent lines with any of the model paints?