Vallejo Premium Paint

Interesting write up ignis, you don't often hear to much about these paints, often they are associated with modelling only so most of us do not consider them.
Great review and thanks for sharing, will have to give them a look, I tend to just use com-art and Etac at the moment.
I have a set of their candies and despite being good to work with I came across 2 major problems, the first and most important for me is the fact that it stinks despite being water based and I can feel it instantly eating away at my lungs even with a mask, and second, anything going over the top of them tends to lift them up even after trying to heat set them, so I'm guessing that if you start a project with these, you have to finish it with these.

This is my experience, but only with the candies, I can't speak for any of their other products although I've heard nothing but good over them and they are very popular here in Holland as mentioned among the modeling community.
When I first started playing around with my first cheap POS airbrush, I used Valejo paints only because it was the only type / brand I could buy locally at hobby shop. I had no real issues with the paint and it was easy to reduce where needed, but as I gained some experience I graduated to Createx Wicked Detail paint for it's versatility and will meet my needs down the road when I am able to paint some of the other areas I want to do. I actually still have a good bit of Valejo left and I am slowly using it up when I have a larger area to cover and don't want to use up my Wicked. lol