Very small stencils



I was thinking about making very small stencil of coin. I want to airbrush sth special. I want to airbrush a coin 1:1 with every detail and I want to make a good stencil which will hold more than one painting. Do you have any tips to do it?
Nope LOL..I'd say on something that small, especially if you want nice smooth cuts and detail that you may be better of sending a design to someone that can laser cut it from acetate or mylar for you..You cld try it out by hand but jeez, that will be fun LOL..Worse comes to worse, do a rubbing of the coin, ie place it under the paper and rub graphite or pencil over it to transfer the design, get a super sharp and the highest precision exacto you can get (The medical scalpels may be good and sharp enough) and try a paper one..It will give ya a lot of sprays if you dont go to wet with your paint but wnt last that many before a new one would be needed..Maybe hit Russ Allen up mate and see what he can do for ya as he's been doing a fair bit of stencil stuff of late and may be able to assist or have better idea's..GL
Would think the best way to do that is to use a plotter to cut some mylar (or whatever store-bought stencils are made out of. Mylar sounds right at the moment). I'd try to find the thinnest sheet you can use, too. It'd make the plotters job a LOT easier, too.

You can also cut or burn mylar to make a stencil. I'm not sure how easy it would be to get that small of detail, though.
Coincidentally, this is similar to something I'm currently working on. I'm airbrushing a hockey goalie mask that has a police officer's badge on one side and I accomplished it by cutting a vinyl stencil with my plotter, then sequentially unmasking the vinyl and painting one "layer" of the badge at a time. This technique works pretty well for metallic items like badges and coins. Posting a picture of the coin would be helpful.